Typical Italian food: dishes you need to try

Typical Italian foods have won the hearts (and tastes) of Brazilians and the world. It is very
difficult to find someone who does not like at least one Italian dish. Let’s see some of the main
typical foods in Italy.
Typical Italian food: pasta
Italian pasta is very famous. There are variations in the masses throughout the world, and it is
also a national passion in Italy.
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The famous (and delicious) pizza was invented in southern Italy in 1889, becoming popular in
the rest of the country in the late 20th century. It is one of the most appreciated typical Italian
foods in the world, each country has its own version of pizza, with different ingredients.
The first Margherita pizza in Italy was created in Naples, made by Taffaello Esposito, who made
the pizza in honor of the Queen Margherita who was visiting the region. The best places to
taste a legitimate Italian pizza is in traditional pizzerias