Types of home epoxy paint application

Unlike the other two types of paint, this one is usually not water soluble, so it is more difficult
to clean in case of splashes. This is the type of paint commonly used for painting metals and
wood. Its use is not recommended for painting walls.
Epoxy paint
Epoxy paint can be found in both water-based and solvent-based versions. This type of paint is
extremely resistant and is usually used in industrial or very abrasive environments. It is very
common to find Epoxy paintings in mall parking garages, for example.
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It is also worth noting that epoxy paint does not resist UV light well, so it cannot be used
Another common application of epoxy paint is for painting tiles, as it adheres well even to
smooth surfaces. In other words, ideal for giving a makeover in the kitchen or bathroom,
without the need to break anything.
However, the application of this type of paint is much more complex than the others. For this
reason, it is always a good idea to hire a specialized company to avoid the appearance of
bubbles and marks on the paintwork.