The Speed ​​Variation

With technological advances there are more and more options for speed variation equipment for the various types of electric motors. The correct choice of the motor and the speed control to be used implies benefits to the company, such as lower costs for maintenance of equipment, savings in electric energy consumption, longer engine life and the machine ac motors where it is located installed. It is important to highlight the variety of engine types available in the market.

The principle of operation and characteristics of DC motors, AC motors and servomotors, as well as the speed control systems of these motors are varied. Thus it is possible to select which speed control system will be the correct one for each process, taken as a basis. Generally DC motors are applied in processes where precise torque control is required even when the speed is low. AC motors are stronger and have a much lower maintenance cost for direct current motors and the servomotor is used in applications where the process needs high accuracy, among other information.