The first is a special drink menu, prepared by Néli Pereira, from Espaço Zebra, who signs the bar.

Which is the best Italian restaurant Roswell ga American Pasta
The branch within MASP is full, as is the headquarters in Barra Funda, where chef
Manuelle Ferraz, born in Almenara, in Vale do Jequitinhonha, settled six years ago to live
and create her recipes, inspired by childhood and adolescence dishes in Almenara. At
MASP, A Baianeira brings news. Finally, the weekend brunch, which will be called the Late
Café here, more in Brazilian taste. Headed by famous chef Rodrigo Oliveira (Mocotó),
Balaio is, as the name says, a basket that mixes the different culinary cultures of the
country. He stays on the ground floor of the Institute and works at lunch and
dinner. Dishes are individual, such as bragantina sausage rice or to share, such as
cashew moqueca. It has vegetarian and happy hour options, snacks and exclusive
cocktails. On the fifth floor, there is also the Balaio Café, with natural fermentation
breads, cakes and coffees. Carolina Bastos Moreira Pinto, Nina, and Marcelo Corrêa
Bastos run this house that has become synonymous with Brazilian food in São Paulo,
making it very successful and having many queues.