In addition to the types of wall paint we mentioned earlier

Types of house paints there are other examples used in
residential real estate. See a summary with all the materials:
Latex PVA
Acrylic paint
Washable Ink
Epoxy Paint
Odorless Ink
Synthetic enamel
Anti-mildew paints
Roofing Paints
Grouting Paints
Aluminum Paints
What is the best type of paint for interior walls?
How to choose interior wall painting color
Latex PVA paint is the most suitable for internal walls, as it has easy application, quick drying
and the smell is not strong. But with the exception of synthetic enamel, all the wall paints that
we quote on our list can be used indoors.
What is the difference between latex paint and acrylic paint?
The difference is that in acrylic paint there are resins that make the material waterproof.
Therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The use of latex paint is
recommended only for internal walls.
How to choose the best colors for an environment?
Now that you know the types of paint indicated for each project, see what we have already
published on the choice of colors for environments: