Ceviche is safer when you order directly from an Italian restaurant

“In restaurants, chefs are trained to prepare ceviche with citrus fruits to make sure it’s safe
and tasty,” Fox said. ‘Lemon juice and citrus fruits absorbed by seafood can make seafood
look cooked, but it’s not always the case, which leads to the home cook eating fish that are
actually still raw and not safe to serve. To ensure the right level of cruelty acceptable for
eating. ”
The salad will probably taste better in the restaurant
If you’ve noticed that the salad you make at home never looks as good as when you order it at
your favorite place to eat, you’re not just making it up. As Kitchn pointed out, there are several
reasons: Restaurant salads usually contain salt and some kind of fat, such as olive oil, which
immediately increases the flavor.
The ingredients are probably also more varied than those you have at home, which means that
the quality is probably much better than the one you can prepare in your own kitchen. Italian restaurant at avalon in alpharetta