Aspects of the AC Synchronous Motor

The parts of the alternating current synchronous electric motor are the housing, the stator, the rotor and the bearings. Let us describe a little about them for a better understanding:

  – Housing: Its function is to support and protect the motor, housing also the package of plates and winding of the stator.

– Stator: It is made of stationary magnetic parts, including the laminated package of silicon steel sheets and the stator winding, which operates with alternating current power supply to generate the rotating magnetic field.

– Rotor: It is the spinning part of the engine and has field winding.

– Bearings: Synchronous motors can be supplied with grease-lubricated or sliding bearings with oil lubrication.

The accessories of this type of electric motor are:

– Standard supply accessories: PT-100 type temperature sensors on stator windings and bearings; Heating resistance.

– Special Accessories: Brake Disc; Brake; Vibration Sensors; Position indicator (encoder); Housing lifting device.

– Optional Accessories: Temperature sensors for air inlet and outlet; water and oil cooler; Oil and water flow display; Thermometer for water and air.