Acrylic home paints? Latex?

C&C helps you when buying
You probably got to this post because you are thinking about renovating the walls of your
house, right? In fact, wall paint is unanimous among those who want to personalize the
environment, however, the many options found on the market, complicate the lives of the
more lay, who do not know which brands or even the type of paint to choose to guarantee a
good result and, of course, durability. So, here on the blog, we separated the main types of
paints, so you don’t make mistakes and use the right product for every occasion!
Acrylic paint
The acrylic option is one of the most common types of paints on the market, since it has the
power to dry quickly, be soluble in water and have a lot of impermeability – which makes it
ideal also for outdoor areas. Very versatile, the main feature of the option is the high
resistance, easy cleaning of the surface after painting and the efficient coating on the first
coat. At the time of purchase, the option is found in the matte and glossy version (but even the
dull version is not at all matte, ok?). Paiting home